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Startup Academy

The Generator Academy

Startup Academy provides online tools and resources to help TRU Generator entrepreneurs validate their ideas. Participants work with mentors and other student companies to “get out of the building” and start talking to your potential customers. Put into practice the approaches TRU Generator startups use to focus on the next step to get your Minimum Viable Product out the door and into the world.

Next set of sessions starts October 11th. Ready to get your business off the ground this semester?

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Our Approach

The Generator’s approach is based on Steve Blank’s Customer Development Model and Eric Ries’ Lean Startup framework. We define the growth process for a startup in four stages:


Entrepreneurs are guided through these four stages with online resources, group workshops, and one-on-one meetings with startup mentors.

“Market Validation Training has been an eye opener and helped our team focus on our next steps.”
– Lee Bergstrand, Founder of Amplytica & TRU Student


Are you a TRU student with an idea or recently started a new venture? Looking to access support and tools to help you accelerate your business? You have come to the right place!

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