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Mentorship can be the difference between a failed startup and a successful one. Mentors can help startups with identifying what they need to focus on and what the next steps are. At the Generator, you have access to a diverse network of mentors who have industry experience, started and exited companies (often many!), and have an immense amount of knowledge and expertise.

Access to the Mentor Network has had a huge impact on Hummingbird Drones. We have moved so much faster having access to business experts. Each meeting energizes the team and sets in front of us the critical next steps to take.”

Robert Atwood, CEO – Hummingbird Drones

TRU Generator’s Mentor Network consists of experienced, “been there, done that” entrepreneurs from the local community who have both failed, and succeeded. Generator new ventures connect with mentors for guidance and accountability to overcome the challenges of building a new venture in a fluid, ever-changing environment.

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